DentiVentures - Helping Dental Startups to Succeed

Expert Guidance for Dental Startups

Denti Ventures supports dental professionals in launching successful startups. With expert advisors and strategic investments, we turn innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Our Mission

Empowering dental startups with expert guidance, resources, and a supportive community to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Expert Advisors

Led by two industry-leading dental professionals, our advisory team offers unparalleled expertise and mentorship to navigate the complexities of the dental market.

Investment Focus

Strategic investments and financial support designed to fuel the growth of your startup, ensuring sustainable success and long-term impact in the dental industry.

We have supported:
Sovn, a biofeedback device. Medical expertise, advisory role
BruxismAcademy, bruxism education. Product development, medical expertise,
Myotense, device for medical imaging. Product and business development in subsidy phase
Kaakpunt, an online bruxism program. Business and Product development, medical expertise

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